Testimonials Help Guide

List, add and edit testimonials.


  • Once logged in to your website go to Content Management > Testimonials
  • From here you can add, edit and view the blog posts on your website


  • In the list view of testimonials click Add New from the top row of buttons
  • See below for instructions on the testimonial properties
  • Once you've completed adding your information click Submit


  • To edit an existing testimonial hover over Actions on the right hand side of the item and click Edit
  • See below for instructions on the testimonial properties
  • Once you've made your changes click Submit to save
  • If you wish to not save the post, click the List View icon at the top right hand side of the editting page (Note: you will not be able to get your canges back once you've left the page without submitting)


  • Fill in the Title of the testimonial
    • For Blog Posts, Galleries and Testimonials the title does show on the list pages and the separate post pages (see image on right)
  • Fill in a Description with the start, if not all (500 character maximum), of the testimonial
    • The description will show in list pages and separate post pages (see image on right)
  • Fill in Keywords with keywords or keyphrases associated with the testimonial, breaking them apart with commas (Note: optional as this is not very important for search engines these days - try to use your keywords in the title, description and throughout your content, especially in headings and bolded text)
  • The Image property allows you to upload an image to the server which can be used to display next to the testimonial info in list view and separate post view
  • Select Browse or Choose File and select an image from your computer and click Open
  • Content: this is where the editing is done for content that shows only in the separate testimonial view page
  • You will see a "Read More..." link in the image to the right which links to the full testimonial
  • Go to the HTML Editor Help Guide for details on how to use the editor
  • Change the Author by selecting the drop down and choosing a user from the system
  • The Author will automatically be the user that you are signed in as when first creating the testimonial
  • The Author of the testimonial can be displayed on both the list view page (see image on right) and seperate post page