Menus Help Guide

Add New

  • To add a menu go to Content Management > Menus
  • Navigate to the menu by clicking the sub menu items (e.g. Main Menu > Sub Menu Items link - see image on the right)
  • Click Add New
  • Position will be filled in automatically
  • Type in a Title (this will be what is shown on the menu)
  • Type in a Description of the page / website the item links to (the description can be viewed on hover over)
  • The Image property can be used to have a little icon next to the menu item, click Browse and select an image to use from your computer
  • Type the URL
    • If linking to an existing page on your website type the File Name ONLY (go to Content Management > Pages to view the list of pages on your website and their file names - first column)
  • Use the Allow View By option to show or hide the menu item
  • Click Submit

Change Menu Position

  • In the list of menus use the Position Up and Position Down buttons to move the menu item
  • You can also type in a number in the Position column and click Change Position


  • Go to Actions > Edit on the right-hand side of the menu item you want to edit
  • Make your changes
  • Click Submit