File Manager Help Guide

The file manager is used to upload, remove, or modify the files from your website.

To access:

  • Login to your website
  • Go to Content Management > File Manager

To upload a file:

  • Click the Upload button at the top of the File Manager
  • Choose a file from your local computer and click Open
  • It will automatically be uploaded into whichever folder you are currently in
  • To move the file to a different folder just click and drag it over the folder name and select either Copy Here or Move Here when prompted

To view a file:

  • Right click the file and click View

To download a file from the server to your local computer:

  • Right click the file and click Download
  • Choose the file location on your computer and click Save

To resize an image:

  • Right click the image and click Resize
  • Keep the Ratio Lock icon locked so the image does not get distorted
  • Type in a width (height will automatically adjust if the ratio is locked), which is measured in pixels
  • Or you can choose from one of the default sizes, Small, Medium, or Large
  • The current width and height is display under the thumbnail image
  • Click OK once you’ve decided on a new size, or click Cancel if you do not wish to resize the image

To rename a file:

  • Right click the file and click Rename
  • Type in your new file name (leaving the file extension as is e.g. .jpg)
  • Click OK

To delete a file:

  • Right click the file and click Delete
  • When the File Manager asks if you are sure, click OK