Categories and Tags Help Guide

List, add and edit categories and tags that are selectable for articles such as blog posts and galleries. (The following instructions apply to both categories and tags, unless stated)


  • Once logged in to your website go to Content Management > Categories or Tags
  • From here you can add, edit and view the categories / tags on your website

Add New

  • Once in the list view click Add New
  • Type in a Title
  • Type in a Description of the category / tag (optional)
  • Click Browse and select an image to use from your computer for the Image property (categories only)
  • If adding a sub category change the Parent to the intended category group (Note: parent will be automatic if adding a new category already inside the parent)
  • Position will be filled in automatically (categories only)
  • You can initially tick the Articles (blog posts, galleries) that you wish to be categorised or tagged

Change Category Rank

  • In the list of categories / tags use the Rank Up and Rank Down buttons to move the menu item
  • You can also type in a number in the Rank column and click Change Rank


  • Go to Actions > Edit on the right-hand side of the category / tag you want to edit
  • Make your changes
  • Click Submit